The hardest (weirdest?) crossword you’ve ever seen.

The UChicago Physics department has a lovely annual end-of-year tradition, a dinner party called Forget The Year, where the 2nd year PhDs put on a comedy show. For my year (2016-2017), in addition to the usual skits and such, we had cute table-mats made up with games attendees could play during the event. For this I made a crossword, reproduced below for your enjoyment! It’s def. not a regular crossword in that it is entirely physics themed. Needless to say you’re not going to get these if you don’t have at least a little bit of domain specific knowledge and I’m warning you it’s kinda hard (ok, really hard). But challenge yourself and give it a shot! You can also download a copy for your enjoyment.


p.s. I think clue 1 doesn’t hold up anymore as it was specific to the first-year Quantum Mechanics class. I suggest working backwards from the secret answer to get that one. Also, the tense on clue 20 is wrong which is unfortunate 😦 This was my first time as a constructor…

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